Sing, dance, and learn with Badanamu!

Badanamu Songs is a collection of high-quality music videos that emotionally engages learners and introduces educational topics in a fun and exciting way. Whether it’s classic nursery rhymes, phonics, or songs about insects and animals, there is something for everyone.

Highlights: Badnamu Songs includes more than 500 animated pop songs and nursery rhymes and has attracted more than 5 billion views world wide and 1.3 billion on YouTube. These fun and exciting VOD song clips are based on educational curricula and provide emotional engagement for toddlers.


Bada Pop gets your learner up and moving with Bada and all his adorable friends. Featuring everything from the pop sensation “Ponytail” to “Hop Pop Stop,” this playlist has all the songs your kids can’t wait to hear.


Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are the perfect set of songs for the youngest learners that provide opportunities for learning and engagement.


Our phonics songs are a great way to introduce phonemes and reinforce tricky phonics rules for your budding reader.


Celebrate the holidays with Bada and friends! Badanamu is here to spread holiday cheer filling you up with merriment and wonder!