Parents & Students

Check homework in real time, collaborate with your school and teachers, and participate in supplementary activities to get the most out of your educational experience!


Parents, Students, and Personalized Learning

Personalized learning gives you detailed information on how your child is learning and recommends tailored lessons to fit your child’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and learning style.


We Keep Parents in the Loop

We help parents stay up to date on their children’s progress with a variety of instructional options/interactive lessons and activities. This keeps them satisfied that their children are receiving quality education, even when they are unable to physically attend school.

Engagement & Interactivity

With KidsLoop web-based technology, teachers can create engaging and interactive lessons to enhance students’ interest in live/classroom learning. Students can learn and communicate with teachers and classmates in real-time.

Personalized Recommendations

By setting learning goals and learning outcomes for specific activities or lesson plans, you can receive personalized learning recommendations based on learning outcomes.

KidsLoop Student App

Download the KidsLoop student app for iOS or Android. The app can be used to attend classes remotely and complete homework from your mobile device or tablet.

Data-backed Reports

KidsLoop’s analytics and data technology helps you track student progress. Reports keep you informed on learning outcomes and engagement. Data-driven reports and results are useful for tracking student progress.

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