CEO’s Message

“Recent times have made technology an integral part of education, with Covid-19 expediting the necessity of incorporating technology into our teaching methods.

Schools have now adopted in-class, hybrid and fully online modes of teaching and graphic material is increasingly being employed to help students stay engaged and learn better. 
I truly believe that the future of education in Pakistan depends on how effectively Education Technology is adopted by our educational institutions. EdTech makes it easier for teachers to create individualized lesson plans and learning experiences that foster a sense of inclusivity and boost the learning capabilities of all students, no matter their age or learning abilities.
Kidsloop offers complete EdTech solutions for you school, supported with fully scalable and customizable Learning and Content  Management Systems. Our products and services will allow your institution to comfortably shift towards digital education while significantly improving the quality of learning.
We aim to provide you today, a fully integrated EdTech solution for tomorrow”
Shahzad Muhammad Khan

Project Head Pakistan

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Hafeez Ur Rehman