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For Education Providers


& Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning helps you maximize your educational
delivery by identifying individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, letting
you know what types of content are best suited to each learner’s needs and
automating feedback creation and nudges.




Easy-to-use tools help you to take your physical curricula into the digital space. Use H5P templates to make your digitial activities interactive and attached learning outcomes and milestones for easy assessment and reporting.

Ready-to-Use Content

Find fun and engaging content to supplement your curriculum. Our Badanamu ESL and STEAM program is suitable for ages 3 – 8, or search the content marketplace to find a wider variety of activities and lesson plans from internationally recognized publishers.



Flexible delivery options including live, in-class, and homework allow education providers to choose their preferred method of instruction. Whether you’re in a traditional classroom, strictly remote, or a bit of both, the KidsLoop platform has what you need.



Informed by Data

Our data and analytics help you stay on top of your school’s operations. Reports keep you informed of teachers’ performances and the effectiveness of their lesson plans, as well as give you insight on what types of class activities get the most user engagement.