All-in-one solution for elementary school education

KidsLoop Class Model

Classes can be run through different mediums, including online live video classes, physical classes, and homework that can be done through the app at home.

In-Class Teaching:

Using smart screens and personal devices, you can manage classrooms that enable interactive learning even in physical classrooms. 

Interactive Live Teaching: 

Customized assessments meet the needs of your organization and your curriculum. Data-driven reports help you make informed decisions.

Hybrid Teaching:

By collecting linguistic, cognitive, and behavioral data, our machine-learning algorithms guide learners down a personalized learning journey.

Make Digital Transformation Easy and Fast

You can digitize your existing offline curriculum in an online environment using KidsLoop’s simple and easy tools. Use the H5P templates to create interactive lessons, add expected learning outcomes, so you can easily assess learning outcomes and receive automated reports

Ready-to-Use Activities

KidsLoop’s content library is updated with a wide range of high-quality interactive lessons that complement your existing curriculum. You can use our Badanamu ESL and STEAM programs for children aged 3 to 8, or you can find and use various learning activities and teaching materials from internationally verified publishers available on our platform

Personalized Learning

Our platform helps you gain insights into school operations. Automated reports provide insights into teacher performance and lesson planning effectiveness, as well as provide general insight into what types of classroom activities are driving increased student engagement.

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