About This Session

The KidsLoop’s Certified Teacher Training Program is an online certification that aims to provide teachers with the opportunity to communicate effectively and reflect on their teaching practices, portfolio and digital learning journey. This session, currently offered by KidsLoop Pakistan for digital education and learning, gives teachers the opportunity to explore areas that focus on basic IT skills, KidsLoop portal and application features, generate learning outcomes in a digital lesson, create digital learning materials and digital lesson plans – completely online, from anywhere in Pakistan.

Teachers will study a variety of digital teaching methods, based on the most relevant research on how students learn in the digital environment, broadening the range of digital skills of teachers and helping them to develop inclusive digital learning strategies for their unique context.

What this Session Covers

In this session, you’ll gain invaluable insights from experts in digital teaching practices which you can apply to your context regardless of the subject matter. You’ll learn to:
  • Complete an effective digital lesson plan and successfully deliver a unit of instruction in your chosen discipline
  • Address identified learning objectives by selecting comprehensive formative and summative assessment techniques
  • Design a syllabus featuring digital assignments that align with learning goals authentic to your chosen discipline
  • Successfully create digital lesson plans
  • Asses students in real-time through data-driven report and analytics

What You’ll Learn

M1: Orientation Module (Welcome to the Training)

You will be welcomed to the session and given an overview of the KidsLoop portal along with its features and how they can help you with daily teaching and assessment.

M2: Basic ICT Skills

In every technology efforts you need to know the basics of operating the hardware and use the software’s. 

  • The Basic Hardware components of a Computer/Laptop 
  • How to operate a Computer/Laptop (Windows) 
  • Software’s (MS Office) 
  • Internet & Browsing (Web Browser) 
  • Email (Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365) 
M3: Kidsloop Portal & App

An Introductory session on the Kidsloop portal and the features along with the app. 

  • Signing up on the Portal 
  • Accessing the App LIVE and HOMEWORK modes
  • Home Fun options (Uploading worksheet or students work on the App) 
M4: Adding and Creating Learning Outcomes to a Digital Lesson

As an essential aspect, the Learning Outcomes are the base of any lesson. Understanding and implementing these are important. Any lesson learning outcome can make sure your assessment and re-enforcement plans can assess the student’s ability to learn. 

  • Creating Digital Learning Outcomes 
  • Adding Digital Learning Outcomes to a Lesson Material 
  • Adding Skills for Assessment 
M5: Digital Lesson Materials

Creating an Interactive Lesson Material is one way of keeping students engaged in the Lesson. It will define your skills on presenting a Lesson In-class and creating a complete Lesson plan. 

  • Creating Digital Lesson Material 
  • 50 Interactive Template creation 
  • Detailing and Classification 
M6: Digital Lesson Plan

After creating your Digital Lesson Materials you then need to move onto creating your Digital Lesson Plan which you shall be presenting and assigning to your students. A lesson plan initially needs to be your upmost creative side that will reflect on the learning of any child’s progress. 

  • Create & Present a Digital Lesson Plan 
  • Creating re-enforcement activities for students practical progress 
M7: Scheduling / Assigning Digital Lesson Plans and Materials

Once the Digital lesson plans are created you will now need to present them In-class for lesson delivery along with assigning them as a homework to students for monitoring their progress on the platform. 

  • Digital Timetable 
  • Scheduling Lessons In-Class and Study (Homework) 
  • Assigning Task and scheduling Live mode for Remote learning 
M8: Data-Analytics, Assessments and Reporting

Assessing the students’ progress is entirely based on the skills and learning outcomes you have added to your lesson or activity. 4 types of different reports shall elaborate on the progress of any students skill set and learning outcome reach. 

  • 4 Types of Reporting and Analysis (Skill Coverage, Learner Usage, Learner Monthly Report, Learner Weekly Report). 
  • Adding comments to the assessments 
  • Generating Weekly and Monthly reports

Who Should Take This Session

This online session is relevant to existing educators, from all disciplines, who wish to expand their digital skills and gain recognition for their commitment to digital education. It is also invaluable for aspiring educators who are starting a new career.

Teachers will study a variety of digital teaching methods, based on the most relevant research on how students learn in the digital environment, broadening the range of digital skills of teachers and helping them to develop inclusive digital learning strategies for their unique context.


This Course Is For You If You Want To:

About The Certificate

Validate your knowledge of digital teaching and techniques with a premier certificate from KidsLoop Pakistan for Digital Teaching and Learning

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with a certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined. 

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and provided to you upon successful completion of the Session

Who You’ll Learn From

These subject matter experts from Kidsloop Pakistan guide the session design and appear in sessions, along with a variety of industry professionals.

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Digital Education Specialist

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Digital Education Specialist

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Teacher 3
Digital Education Specialist

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