KidsLoop is built on three pillars


Create a digital framework for your curriculum

Create your own digital content on our system or choose from comprehensive H5P template libraries for a personalized curriculum. Our wide array of templates and tools will help turn your material including Videos, Images, Documents, and Audio into digital, interactive activities.

Align Milestones

You can link your curricula to outcomes and milestones to help track the student’s progress and compare with global learning standards to make sure that your curriculum is up to par.


Study Anytime, Anywhere.

With ease comes flexibility, KidsLoop gives immense flexibility to the user on how they want to proceed with their daily educational activities, offering three different modes of delivery.


  • Work together as a class with one shared screen
  • Have students break away for digital time
  • Use devices to complete tasks in groups or individually
  • Various hardware configurations can be used for in-class delivery including computers, tablets, and touch-screens


  • Students can download our app from the Google Play, Apple Store or simply use the web browser
  • Once a student has been added to their school, they can use the app to complete homework.
  • A progress bar shows how much of the assigned material is left to complete.


  • We empower educators to take remote learning further through our innovative 2-way interactive technology
  • Our virtual classrooms drive learning through remote activities
  • Interactive activities include collaborative whiteboarding, drag and drop, matching, and so much more!


KidsLoop is a powerful data-driven platform that provides personalized learning path for every student.

At KidsLoop, we believe that “No one child is the same” We learn from individual learners to accurately select classes and refine the best way for them to learn.

Improving Learning Outcomes

Use detailed reports as a personalized learning tracker for every student to improve individual performance.


Track and evaluate student progress toward learning milestones and adapt your lessons accordingly.


Utilize score assessments to mark the completion of Learning Outcomes to compile student progress and learning pathway.

Analytics and Reports

Our data reporting provides key metrics for administrators, teachers, and parents.
Learner tracking and analysis tools offer an in-depth look at students’ development, while measurable learning outcomes and milestones help you track your students’ progress

Our Solution and Services

Key Features

Content & Resources

  • OUP, CUP, and SNC, ESL & STEAM lesson plans mapped into your curriculum
  • Choice to convert own curriculum into digital teaching material mapped with
  • customized Learning Outcomes.
  • 50+ easy-to-use templates to digitize lesson materials and plans
  • Gamified activities to make learning engaging
  • Teacher resource folder to help you keep your files organized
  • Options to digitize your content for any grades up to K12

Schedule & Organizations

  • In – Classroom, Homework or Live classroom delivery modes to suit your needs
  • Manage multiple schools or franchises effortlessly
  • Limit what your staff or teachers can access on the portal
  • Student access for homework assignments or self-based learning
  • Set up multiple classes and sections

Assessment, Analytics and Reports

  • Formative, Summative & Entry tests to analyze your students’ performance
  • Skills coverage reports relevant to LOs
  • Monitor Teachers’ platform usage, with attendance and workload reports
  • Learner’s weekly and monthly platform usage, with homework and learning
  • outcome reports
  • Live Classroom Attendance


Hardware leasing facility

  • Interactive LEDs
  • Tablets
  • Multimedia Projectors


  • Complete platform orientation for school administrators, teachers, parents and students
  • EdTech Teachers training program
  • Remote training facilities


  • Scheduled campus visits
  • Pedagogy & Technology Support for admins and teachers
  • On-call support for students and parents

Parents and students can download our app today!