Badanamu ESL™ App

Supplement ESL study with engaging lessons and activities.

What is Badanumu ESL™?

Badanamu ESL™ is a digital learning platform that delivers supplementary activities to the Badanamu ESL™ program. It contains mobile-optimized content for children ages 2 - 6.

Key Features

• Full ESL curriculum across 5 levels
• 700+ interactive learning activities
• Fun 2D and 3D videos
• Learning summary based on completion progress

Learn & Play Modes

The Badanamu ESL™ app offers two exciting ways to explore the content:
Learn Mode for self-study lessons
Play Mode to review and practice learned material
LEARN MODE View levels and units available for study and complete lessons.
PLAY MODE Gamification and nudge technology drives student engagement.

Assessments and Analysis

• Complete learning outcomes and milestones and track students’ progress
• Link your Badanamu account to your KidsLoop account to see assessments all in one place.

Parents and students can download our app today!


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