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Create a digital framework for your curriculum

We make digitizing content that follows industry standards simple. Use our wide array of templates and tools to turn your curriculum into digital, interactive materials.

Supported by our robust asset libraries and dynamic templates

Utilize templates to create engaging and interactive activities from your curriculum and use our AI content pipeline to enhance your pre-existing materials! You also have the option to enhance your curricula with readily-available content from the content library.

Let us help you get the most out of your curriculum.

Scope and Sequence

Ensure the integrity of your curriculum by mapping your scope & sequence to outcomes and milestones and checking student progress reports.

The system gives you a 3D learning objective intensity heat map and analysis of your curriculum to give you insight into the effectiveness of your scope & sequence and identify weaknesses to strengthen your offerings.

Aligning Milestones

You can easily map your existing educational milestones and learning domains to track learner achievements and development.

Use our standards mapping module to see how your curriculum aligns to these popular learning standards:
 Common Core State Standards (CCSS), California Preschool Foundations, the New York State Prekindergarten Learning Standards (NYSPLS), and Singapore’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework.

Data and Analytics

Machine learning algorithms offer recommendations based on analytics, assessments, and teacher input that personalizes the learning experience for learners.

Teachers and organizations can get an interactive assessment report that offers insight into performance levels of schools, teachers, students, and the curriculum itself.

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ESL Curricula

An integrated 3-year, 5-level ESL program for young learners designed to explore English through the world of Badanamu.

ESL Content

Play, explore, and learn with Bada and friends!

Whether it’s a walk in the rain, bath time, or planting a garden, ordinary happenings in Badanamu always burst with extraordinary fun.

Sing and dance with Badanamu!

Learn English through a variety of pop songs and nursery rhymes with catchy tunes and easy to learn lyrics.

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STEAM Curricula

An integrated 3-year PreK to Kindergarten program designed to explore science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics through the world of Badanamu.

STEAM Content

Discover the wonderful world of animals!

Join Bada and his friends as they engage in a scientific adventure at Badanamu Zoo.

Cook up some fun with Bada and his friends!

Find out what’s cooking in Bada’s kitchen as he and his friends explore everything from matter to energy.

Explore the furthest regions of the cosmos!

Let your imagination run wild as Bada and his space friends find out what makes the world — and the universe — go round.