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Kidsloop brings you LMS & CMS Solutions for your school


Ready-made and fully customizable online portal, supported with an Android and iOS App for students and parents, with the most innovative, advanced features for school admins and teachers.​
Fully Supported Solutions: We provide a dedicated customer support team and take care of the technology so the school can focus on the student progress.

For Teachers

We all know that students learn more when they are engaged. KidsLoop makes it easy for teachers to connect with every single student in class, across every subject and grade, through ready-to-teach, engaging and interactive lesson plans, designed especially to create student interest.
AI Analytics and Reporting: Teachers can save valuable time as Kidsloop automatically generates student reports with insights on weak learning areas for each individual student.

For Students

Kidsloop is designed to increase student growth and proficiency through practice-based skill development that students have access to in-class and at home, with Kidsloop’s Student App.
Interactive & Engaging Content: Students have access to a wide-ranging resource library which contains digital lesson plans, interactive videos and gamified activities to help them learn effectively.

Lesson plans with Kidsloop

Our Content Management Solution help you to create your own personalised lesson materials, lesson plans, interactive engaging activities, practices and reinforcement for teachers and students

Integrate Kidsloop CMS with your Existing LMS​

Seamlessly integrate Kidsloop with your learning management system. Set teachers up for success and drive student adoption

Prices start at only
Rs. 1,000 Per School

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