All-in-one Solution For Schools

A platform that lets you create interactive lessons and engage with students in real time through in-class, homework assignment and remote delivery model


Customized Activities & Curriculum

Digitize your curriculum with templates to bring your content alive.
Don’t have your own curricula?  Use ours!
ESL and STEAM offer standards-aligned content for ages 2 – 8.  

In-Class, Homework or Live Learning

Study Anywhere

Whether through our application or via web, we make it easier for you to engage with your students almost anywhere! Utilize our software in a traditional classroom setting or an interactive remote classroom. Assign and grade homework for students to complete at home!


Data and Analytics

Measure students’ progress with learning outcomes and milestones, and visualize the data with automatically generated reports. Milestones are compatible with multiple educational standards.


How can adaptive learning help you?


Adaptive learning helps you better provide for your students, and our flexible delivery options help you bring each student the education options they need.


Discover the content that suits each student best. Learn to adapt your curriculum and content according to individual students’ needs and interests.

Parents & Students

Accelerate and track your children’s progress, ensuring the best possible education for them with personalized learning recommendations, hints, nudges, and feedback.